Hey There Zombie Fiends!

White Zombie finally has a website! Why now? Back when we broke up in ’96, it wasn’t even relevant and never crossed our minds. But now with a whole new generation of White Zombie fans, and you die-hards still hanging on, it seemed important to get something out there. Just this year, we have reissued original merch available for the first time ever, including the classic WZ logo tee! Other reissues of limited vinyl and rare White Zombie items are in the works, thanks to the demand from you guys! We have wonderful new management making all of this possible after so many years, Danny Goldberg and Brady Brock at Gold Village Entertainment.

As you know, since White Zombie broke up, Rob has been busy making horror films and touring with his solo band. Meanwhile J. has been globetrotting, producing records and re-mastering cool limited release horror soundtracks for Waxwork Records. Johnny has been touring with The Cult for years, and I’ve been playing with Star & Dagger, writing books and showing photography in galleries.

Meanwhile, for the first time ever, I will be a guest at a large horror convention – Spooky Empire – this month, from Oct 24-26, parting with some of my rarest White Zombie vinyl and collectibles ever! I will be signing limited amounts of our earliest vinyl, never seen before picks, art posters, and I will also have my book on White Zombie “I’m In The Band” available! I look forward to seeing all you ghouls, it’s been a while!

We hope this website brings you a blast from the past, and various members will keep you updated here on future news of rereleases and oddities from the undying world of White Zombie! Also, if any of you have White Zombie tattoos you’d like to add on to our tattoo page, please e-mail them to info@goldve.com with the subject line “White Zombie Tattoo”

Yours Truly,
Sean Yseult